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Road of the Dead Instructions

Accelerate using 'w'. Brake using 's'. Steer left using 'a'. Steer right using 'd'. Apply the hand brake using 'space'. Sound the horn using 'e'. Use the windshield wiper using 'r'. Attack using 'f'. Change perception using 'p'. Toggle quality using 'q'.

Road of the Dead Walkthrough

Road of the Dead is one of the most intense and action packed zombie games online. Not settling to just be the standard point and shoot zombie game the genre usually offers, this one really takes things to the next level. The basic premise is actually more or less the same premise you get with most of the other zombie games online because, honestly, it's a little hard to come up with a unique premise where zombies are involved. That said, the game manages to take a familiar premise and make a unique, fresh and new game with it. In this one, there are zombies everywhere and your city is quarantined. You need to do everything you can to survive; fighting off armies of the undead along the way. Instead of racing through abandoned cities on foot, you are in a car in this game. It's odd how one change as small as this one can make a game so different and set it apart from the pack. This is a fantastic game that any zombie game fan will enjoy - lots of blood, lots of action and lots of zombies to kill.

When you begin playing Road of the Dead, you have three options to choose from; 'The Great Escape', 'Dead on Time' and 'Police State'. If you're able to complete 'The Great Escape', you'll also unlock 'Highway to Hell'. Each of these options offers a different gaming experience and will appeal to different players depending on what they like out of a game. 'The Great Escape' is a good place to start. In 'The Great Escape' your goal is pretty simple - get out of the city alive. You'll need to tear through armies of the undead along the way as you struggle to get out. It isn't easy, but it is a lot of fun and unlocking 'Highway to Hell' is a worthy reward. 'Highway to Hell' follows the same basic premise as 'The Great Escape' in that you need to escape the city alive, but the key difference is the difficulty level. While 'The Great Escape' is set at the normal difficulty level, 'Highway to Hell', as the name implies, is much more difficult. This one is great for more experienced players looking for a real challenge. 'Dead on Time' is the mode for high score game fans. If you like the challenge you striving for a high score than this is the mode for you. In this one, you need to make is as far as you can in the time allowed. You can kill zombies to earn extra time. The further you make it, the higher your score will be. In 'Police State' it's you against the army. You need to make it as far as you can without getting killed by the opposing forces trying to keep you contained inside the city. Regardless of what you're looking for out of your zombie game, this one offers something you'll love.

The greatest thing about Road of the Dead is that it isn't really all that complicated, but it's also incredibly addictive. There are upgrades you can purchase with 'RP', which you earn as you play the game, that can help you survive much longer in the game, but unlike other zombie games that offer upgrades, you aren't overwhelmed with choices. The upgrades are pretty simple and straight forward and the upgrades screen is very clearly laid out. At the bottom of the screen, you'll see the number of 'RP' you have to spend. Down the right side of the screen you have the upgrades you can purchase with bars next to them indicating what level you're at with each upgrade. Your choices are perception, body armor, firearm, windshield, engine, bumper, tires and horn. You start out with no bars filled in for each category and can upgrade each one until all the bars are filled as long as you have the 'RP' to make the purchase. The upgrades are fairly expensive but also entirely necessary if you want to make it through the game and get a good score.

Road of the Dead offers several achievements you can strive to achieve as you play. This is yet another factor of the game that sets it apart from many of the other zombie games online. It isn't easy to get some of the achievements, but they really add another level of intrigue and excitement to the game and give you motivation to keep playing. There are five different classifications for achievements; 'Basic Survivor', 'Killing Methods', 'Pushing the Limits', 'Veteran' and 'Global Pandemic'. Most of the achievements will give you additional 'RP' which will help you toward purchasing upgrades. The achievements under 'Basic Survivor' are probably the easiest to achieve. You'll get 'Hood Shaker' for knocking an enemy off your hood using the walls, 'Gunslinger' for shooting an enemy off your hood with your pistol, 'Hydroficial Intelligence' for putting out your engine with a jug of water and 'Road Warrior' for defeating the helicopter. Most of these are pretty easy to get and will reward you with 25 RP aside from 'Gunslinger' which gives you 50 and 'Road Warrior' which gives you 100. The hardest achievements to achieve are definitely the achievements that fall under 'Global Pandemic'. You'll receive 'Survivor' when you beat 'The Great Escape', 'Hells Angel' when you beat 'Highway to Hell', 'Dead on Time' when you reach 10 KM in 'Dead on Time', 'One Man Army' when you reach 10 KM in 'Police State' and 'Tank' when you've purchased all of the upgrades. These achievements also reward you the most handsomely. All of these achievements give you 500 RP except 'Tank' which doesn't reward you with anything. Consider you receive it for purchasing all of the upgrades, that isn't a big deal as rewarding you with RP which you won't be able to use for anything really doesn't make a lot of sense. The rest of the achievements reward you with anywhere between 50 and 200 RP. A full list of achievements can be viewed by selecting 'Achievements' from the main menu.

Probably the best thing about Road of the Dead is that you can set the controls to whatever you feel most comfortable using. This is fairly uncommon in the world of zombie games but offers a great benefit for anyone who plays this game. While 'wasd' and arrow key navigation controls are common in the genre, you can set the controls in this game to whatever you want to use by choosing 'options' from the main menu. Setting your own controls is easy, takes only a matter of moments and can make the game a lot easier to play. In addition, this game is extremely graphics intensive. While that means the game looks incredible, it also means some computers will have a hard time running it smoothly. If you're finding the game is running slow or glitching out, lower the graphics quality. It will still look awesome, but it will run much more smoothly. The graphics are really one of the biggest selling points here. It's almost laughably gory which real zombie game fans will absolutely love. Make sure you have your windshield wipers ready, because this one gets bloody.

The best way to do well in Road of the Dead is to not expect to beat the game your first time out. This isn't an easy, shoot 'em up zombie game. The blood and gut content is high here, but so is the difficulty level. Give yourself time to get used to how the game is played. You're going to need to make use of your windshield wipers if you want to be able to see well. You're also going to need to use the horn to get survivors out of your way. The hand brake will also need to be applied on a regular basis. If you want to survive, you're going to need to keep your car in decent working order for as long as possible. The hand brake will help you avoid many of the larger obstacles that will trip you up. For that reason, this game is a lot more difficult than many of the other zombie games online that simply require you to aim your gun at what you want to die and fire away. Take the time to customize your controls. It will make things a lot easier once you start playing.

Overall, Road of the Dead is an epic zombie game no fan of the genre should miss out on playing. It's going to be a little difficult for new zombie game players but more experience players are absolutely going to love it. It's different enough to set itself apart from the other games in the genre, but not so different that it abandons what's best about the genre - taking out loads of brain munching zombies. Be patient with this one. It's not a game you're going to master right away. Pay attention to obstacles and try to keep your car in one piece and you should be able to do just fine. As a word of warning, if you're a zombie game fan that doesn't like a lot of gore, this is not the game for you. It's a bloody mess. If you're a real fan of the genre, though, that shouldn't be a problem.