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Rupert's Zombie Diary Instructions

Rupert's Zombie Diary is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move by using the arrow keys (or WASD keys). The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The Q key switches weapons and the R key reloads your current weapon. Use the spacebar to kick. Keyboard controls can be customized in the options menu. The P key is used to pause the game.

Rupert's Zombie Diary Walkthrough

Rupert's Zombie Diary is a zombie game that takes place in Merry Old England in the year 1902 (in a way, it can be seen as an Edwardian era Shaun of the Dead). This shooting game features cartoon graphics, intuitive controls, numerous upgrades, and a good dose of British humour (for all of you Americans out there, that's how it's spelled across the pond).

The objective of Rupert's Zombie Diary is to traverse London, killing zombies and building barricades to stifle the plans of an evil necromancer. Each in-game day, you will guide Rupert through different parts of London in an effort to kill zombies. Barricades cannot be built until all of the zombies in an area are killed and Rupert cannot go home until all areas are barricaded. This task can be quite daunting since zombies move about the city and multiply in this zombie game. Fortunately, you will not have to liberate London in one sitting since your progress is automatically saved.

Rupert's Zombie Diary uses a combination of keyboard and mouse controls commonly found in shooting games. The WASD keys (or arrow keys) are used to move while the mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The Q key switches between your pistol and your rifle. Your pistol automatically reloads when empty, but it is a good idea to reload manually during lulls in the action by pressing the R key. This zombie game uses a reload system similar to that pioneered in Gears of War; if you press the R key again while the vertical bar overlaps the "R", then you will reload faster. Keyboard controls can be remapped under the options menu if you are not comfortable with the default controls.

After each in game day of Rupert's Zombie Diary, you will be able to purchase upgrades from the Skills Merchant. To access this shop, click on its icon on the left side of the map. There are four upgrade trees. From left to right, these are firearms skills, physical skills, slayer skills, and miscellaneous skills. I advise investing in firearm and physical skills first to deal more damage to zombies. Don't spend all of your money in the shop though, because you will need some cash to build barricades.

Rupert's Zombie Diary is a bloody fun (pun intended) zombie game. Fans of survival horror shooting games will find it to be absolutely smashing!