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Shattered Colony Instructions

Mouse to select options, click-drag to move map, various hotkeys for quick control.

Shattered Colony Walkthrough

In Shattered Colony, you'll be using tactics and strategic thinking to reclaim areas that have been overrun with the undead. You'll do this by using workshops, snipers, barricades, and depots in each level, fighting off the zombie invasion until you're able to secure the area by blowing the bridge to the island, which prevents any zombies from entering the area anymore.

Snipers are your one and only combat unit in Shattered Colony. You'll station a well-trained survivor near your front lines to pick off the invading zombies and defend your other buildings. More snipers make a better defensive force, but don't use up all your survivors with them, otherwise you'll run out of ammo pretty quick. Snipers get a bonus against zombies that are blocked by barricades, so set those up to give yourself more leverage. Snipers cost boards to construct and upgrade, ammo to shoot, and at least one survivor.

Workshops are placed on locations that contain resources. They will harvest the resources, and your workers will transport the supplies back to your base for use. Beware though, since your workshops will be overrun and destroyed by zombies if you don't protect them with snipers. They cost one survivor to build.

Depots are used to store your resources and transfer them to other locations as needed. These will be located away from the action, near your home base in each level.

Barricades block zombies from advancing, and grant your snipers a bonus against the zombies they hold back. They require 10 boards to construct and will eventually break down after they take enough of a beating.

The sniper and workshop buildings are more effective if you staff them with more survivors. You can adjust the quota, or number of survivors working in that building in the lower-right corner. More survivors in a workshop improve the rate at which you gain supplies, and more survivors in a sniper tower means more accuracy. It's better to put more survivors in the sniper towers, since you can't afford to miss a lot when the undead are flooding in on you.

A wise plan of attack for Shattered Colony is to harvest as many resources as possible before the zombies start attacking. Thankfully, you'll have plenty of time to strategize before the undead start raging against you, since they will only attack once your sniper fires off a shot and alerts them to your presence. They'll also be alerted if you build an upgrade for your sniper, so be sure that all your sniper towers are in place before you start upgrading.

You'll need to clear out the buildings on each island, since they will already be infested with zombies. Once a building is cleared, head in and harvest all of its resources while fending off the zombies at the front line as much as you can. Once every building is cleared and all the resources have been gathered, you can focus on your front line defense and push the zombies back far enough to build a workshop and blow up the bridge.

Resources like boards and ammo are your lifeblood in this game. While it's fun to make a ton of snipers and mow down the zombies like a hot knife through butter, you'll be dead if you run out of ammo to shoot or boards to upgrade with. Build just enough of a defense to keep the advancing zombies at bay while you clear buildings and collect resources, and once that's done, then you can turn up the heat and slaughter those undead.