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Snake Eats Zombies Instructions

Survive as long as you possibly can by using the WASD keys to move and using the mouse to aim and shoot at zombies.

Snake Eats Zombies Walkthrough

If you're looking for a game that has a great twist on a few basic elements, well, you've found it with Snake Eats Zombies. In this zombie game, you'll be essentially playing the classic game Snake while shooting and fending off and eating enemy zombies. That may sound like it's a lot to keep track of - it is.

To increase the length of your snake (and your score), after shooting a zombie, eat its brain. You'll become longer by a single segment, making the game increasingly difficult, but not impossible. If a zombie runs into the tail of your snake, that section will vanish, making your snake much shorter, depending on where you've been hit, and your score multiplayer will also take a hit.

This makes for a surprisingly tricky zombie game - do you go for more kills, or do you just try to survive for as long as you can? We'd like to think that you can stick with something in between - try to find the longest snake you can handle, and stick with it as long as you can - since losing half your snake can really take away from your score.

The score multiplier you have is increased with every zombie brain you eat - the more you've eaten, the higher your score will be. You score points when you kill zombies; so, when you get to the point where you can't keep adding to your snake, focus on surviving and killing zombies. Also, it's probably important to note that even though zombies can touch your snake, if you touch your own tail at all during the game, you'll lose - so don't!