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Sonny Instructions

Nah, Sonny isn't one of your average zombie games. Instead of playing against the zombies, you are playing as one of the zombies. And no, this is NOT a shooting games, which is a nice breathe of fresh air - it's a tactical RPG game where all you need to interact is your mouse. Just point and click baby and you are good to go!

Sonny Walkthrough

Sonny - lovers of flash based RPG and zombie games have fallen in love with this game and for good reason. Aside from the fact that it doesn't do the beaten plot where a city is under attack by zombies and your need to fight for survival, Sonny comes with elements that you hardly see in flash based online games. Excellent voiced lines, smooth graphics, and very polished - that's not something you see in flash games everyday... may it be a turn based RPG or whatever. OK, let's cut down the chase. Right below, I have created a brief walkthrough for the initial stages of this game:

The Classes: (1) Destroyer - This is a physical melee class whose strength and endurance. This unit is quite flexible too. It can be played for offense or defense as a tanker. This seems like a logical character for a newbie so if you are starting out, you may want to pick this one. (2) Guardian - This class is a hybrid - coming both with magical and physical strength. Together with his high survivability, it opens itself for many play styles. (3) Assassin - A physical and melee damage dealer. It showcases high speed and burst damage, BUT survivability runs low. (4) Gunslinger - A magical damage dealer which can dish out massive damage with spells and abilities. BUT just like the Assassin, it comes with low health.

Stage 1 Destroyer Ship: This stage is more of an intro where you will learn everything - how to attack, how to manage your units, and everything else in between. You should be OK and be able to defeat all of the enemies you encounter along the way. Just a reminder: be sure to visit the shop to buy more items. This game isn't about who's the richest so don't let cash sit in your inventory and use it to be more efficient and deadly in the next level.

Stage 2: Before fighting in this level, I highly recommend that you train your character first - get all of the EXP and items you can lay your hands on. I alternate real fighting and training. This makes sure I have enough EXP to move forward. And by the way, don't learn the hard way like me - buy weapons for your class level! As for the boss in this level, I have my mage on tactical mode and used the wound attack for just about everything. Along with that, I also used iron skin which gave me a lot more health and tanking power.

Stage 3: I think you should reach level 10 before moving forward. Now, if you are not, again don't learn the hard way. Do your best to get EXP and reach the 10th level so you can take on the next challenges. Here are some tips that should help you get past the 3rd stage: There are times that it's better to just survive until the enemy runs out of magic to throw at you. You will see that their normal attacks are way too weak for you to be bothered. Luck also plays a role here. There are times that they gang up on a certain unit which kills your combo and does a lot of harm to your team. Heck! Thanks to that, I played the same battle more than 15 times!

OK, that's about it. If you are strong enough to reach this part of the walkthrough, you should be smart and strong enough to beat the End Bosses. Enough talk, march to battle Sonny... and enjoy this fantastic turn based RPG game.