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If you have played Sonny before, then the controls should be familiar with you. Just like in the previous installment, the control scheme is anything BUT complicated and fancy. All you have to do is use your mouse. Just point and click to interact. That's about it. Without further adieu, let's go and check out the game...

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All of a sudden, your eyes are wide open as the memories from your not so distant past flood your mind. It's still dark outside... just as dark as your mind that needs a lot of answers. BUT the most baffling matter is that tape you are holding: what does it store? Is it the answer to your questions? How can you find out? HOWEVER, before you or your friend can open your mouth to speak, a motorcycle leaps in. It's rider relentlessly attacks you and gets away with the tape... the tape that could answer your questions. You have no choice. Holding only a metal pipe, you run to follow the bike towards that secure complex in search for answers.

Nah, this isn't a plot from an upcoming Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, or Michael Bay science fiction movie. This is the beginning for Sonny 2 - which is a sequel to a game of the same name, which was touted as one of the best tactical and turn based RPG games found in the internet. Buy equipment, gain EXP and level up, train after each fight, all in preparation for the next encounter and combat - this is how life goes in Sonny 2. What I really like about this game is that it's so detailed... HOWEVER, not to the point that it's overwhelming. And the level of polish this game has is just superb!

As far as game play goes, it's still the same with the prequel. HOWEVER, Sonny 2 comes with a lot of features not available in the original game... making it worthy of the "2" tag after the game's name. It showcases a lot of voiced lines, comes with 5 new chapters, new bunch of villains and enemies, new weapons and skills to use, and last BUT not the least, it has a brand new game engine along with a new soundtrack. YES, Sonny 2 comes with a lot of the elements that made Sonny a HUGE hit and a whole lot more.

Once you start the game, you have the option to customize the game's difficulty, which mainstream build you want (this affects your skill tree as well as abilities that you can use in combat), and if you want to play the tutorial. Newbies, I highly suggest going through the tutorial. Otherwise, if you are a Sonny veteran, you can just skip that. Once that is taken care of, off you go into battle and each battle gives you experience, allowing you to level up. The attribute points you gain can be used on your character's vitality, strength, his instinct, speed, and those are just to name a few. This is where Sonny and Sonny 2 excels: customization! It all boils down on how you tweak your character to make him stronger and able enough to take on enemies more powerful than before. And, by the way, the whole process is handled by the game with excellent grace and smoothness. Something that gamers of all levels will surely appreciate.

Summing things up, Sonny 2, without a doubt, lived up to the expectations set by the first game. It's apparent that Krin, the creator of the game, listened to the audience and adjusted the game to enhance their gaming experience. With constant updates and tweaks, Sonny 2 is on its way to becoming one of the best RPG zombie games you can lay your hands on. Will there be a Sonny 3? Only time will tell.