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Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! Instructions

Use the left mouse button to select items to build. Use the mouse and left mouse button to place item you have built.

Super Energy Apocalypse : RECYCLED! Walkthrough

Super Energy Apocalypse: Recycled begins with the end of the world. Everything is in ruins and zombies are threatening to attack your city. You need to ward them off. To do that, you have automatic gun turrets to take them out as they approach. The zombies, however, are eating bodies and getting stronger, so you need to remove the bodies to prevent the growth of your body chomping enemies. To do this, you need to build factories, garbage trucks and landfills. Beware, though - these factories create smog and pollution. Both of these things also make zombies stronger. You need to find a balance and destroy all of the zombies in this challenging, unique online zombie game.

Super Energy Apocalypse: Recycled doesn't focus solely on garbage and pollution - this is a zombie game, after all. As the game progresses and more zombies attack, you will need to improve your defenses by building defense buildings and make sure you repair the ones you already have in place. Zombies aren't gentle creatures and dole out a lot of damage in their attacks. Make sure you repair that damage to stand a better chance of fighting them off. The more defense buildings you build, the more garbage you will find. Make sure you look for critical amounts of garbage and are sure you have the vehicles built to remove them. If you don't, the ground will become pollute and, as I mentioned earlier, pollution makes zombies stronger - and no one wants that.

As if building factories, garbage trucks, and defense items wasn't enough, you also need to make sure you have food for your survivors. Make sure you have fertile soil so you will get a decent amount of food from it. Starvation isn't good for anyone so make sure you keep everyone fed. You need to build research labs to research ways to produce energy that produce less smog. You will also need to build wind power plants, solar plants, dig oil wells, mine for metal and coal - all while preparing for zombie onslaughts at night. There is definitely a lot to this game which is, perhaps, makes it so engrossing.

I wouldn't really give Super Energy Apocalypse: Recycled a place among the more traditional zombie games online. While there is a lot of zombie killing action, the game is really more about strategy and planning than taking out the zombies yourself. If you're looking for something a little different that will challenge you to think rather than challenging you to be quick with your trigger finger, this is definitely a game you should check out. While the graphics are a little basic, the story is engrossing and it challenges you to think. It's definitely a fun game and is highly recommended.