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Teelombies Infection Instructions

A physics-based zombie game, the control scheme of Teelombies Infection is as easy as it could get. You need to use your mouse to play and interact through the game. First off, press the left click and drag to adjust the angle and power of your shot. You must make sure your aim will hit MOST of the humans. If you think you are good to go, just release the left click button and watch as your zombie spreads the infection. That's it for the controls. Now, let's take a closer look at the game.

Teelombies Infection Walkthrough

Imagine yourself as a weird scientist. Your intelligence has led you to the creation of a zombie-virus antidote. Cool! BUT here's the problem, there are no zombies around! And that means nobody would care about your discovery and invention. There's no way you can make money out of it, right? WRONG! The simple solution to this problem is to create the problem! Unleash zombies and infect as many humans as possible. Do that and you are sure to rake in money.

It doesn't sound ethical, it's not humanitarian. BUT it's fun as demonstrated by Teelombies Infection. In this zombie game, you will play as that mad scientist who is out to spread the zombie virus and cure it with his antidote. If you have played Angry Birds before and loved it, then you will surely be addicted to Teelombies Infection. It has a unique combination of 2 popular games - Infectonator and Angry Birds. Your objective in this zombie game is to launch zombies into densely populated buildings in an effort to spread the infection.

The game showcases 24 levels that are increasing in difficulty. For every level, you need to infect and kill a certain number of humans to unlock the next level. Aside from infecting humans and killing many of them, you also need to collect coins from your victims. BUT hurry up as they won't sit around there for long. These coins will immensely help you in your campaign if you collect enough of them.

If you are NOT infecting human-populated buildings, you will most likely find yourself in the lab shopping for upgrades. There are different levels of upgrades in the game. You can create a new zombie or buff the stats of an existing one - increase its attack damage; its attack and movement speed; its health; and lastly, its life time. Beef up all four of your zombie's stats is very important. Unlike in Angry Birds or other physics games like it, you only have one shot... just one zombie. And he has to be strong and fast enough to get the job done. Otherwise, if you fail to infect and kill enough humans, you need to restart the level.

Aside from zombie upgrades, there are other things you can buy in your lab. There's the timer bomb, which explodes after a short period of time... killing off all of the humans with its blast radius. There's the adrenaline injection that will put your zombie on steroids, making it move faster than usual for a limited amount of time. If you want your zombie to be a ranged attacker, the poisonous breath upgrade should get the job done. This allows your zombie to infect nearby humans by using its deadly breath. If there are a lot of law enforcers and cops protecting the human population, aside from beefing up the zombies life, you can also buy a fresh blood injection. This gives your undead pet twice as much life time... allowing it to run around longer and infect MORE. And those are just to name a few.

For a full run down of upgrades, just visit your lab.

Well, I guess that's about everything you need to know about this zombie game. I think this is the part where you got to stop reading and start playing - make sure your zombies hit home run and it won't be long before you are filthy rich!