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The Last Stand: Union City Instructions

W A S D to move/jump/crouch, E to search, left click to select/use weapon.

The Last Stand: Union City Walkthrough

Last Stand: Union City is an action packed side-scroller zombie killing game. You must fight your way through the undead infested Union City to freedom, while helping other survivors along the way. You have the ability to customize your character's name, address, gender, and appearance. Before you start the game, you'll be presented with a myriad of specialties to choose from, which will determine your course of action for blazing your trail through this zombie nightmare. Here's a breakdown of all the specialties and their skills:

Construction Worker: Blunt weapons, extra fitness, can use special weapons (dynamite, etc), and security

Engineer: Blunt weapons, smarts, searching for resources, first aid

Survivalist: Bladed weapons, survival, fitness, and searching

Hunter: Long guns (rifles), bladed weapons, fitness, and survival

P.I.: Pistols, blunt weapons, searching, and security

Firefighter: Blades, searching, fitness, and first aid

I.T. Technician: Security, searching, first aid, and smarts (no weapon specialization)

Security guard: Pistols, blunt weapons, security, and first aid

Martial artist: Blades, blunt, fitness, and survival

Farmer: Long guns, blunt weapons, fitness, and survival

Law enforcement: Pistols, automatic weapons, blunt weapons, security

Military: Automatic weapons, pistols, special weapons, and survival

Paramedic: Blades, first aid, survival, and fitness

Con artist: Pistols, blades, security, and smarts

...and if all those choices aren't good enough for you, you can create your own specialization. Your class choice doesn't affect anything in Last Stand: Union City, so pick the one that best suits your play style. If you like to mow down zombies without much regard for strategy or tactics, play as a Military or Law Enforcement character. If you like to set up elaborate plans and enjoy sticking back in a safe zone, then choose the Hunter or Farmer class.

As you start Last Stand: Union City, you find yourself in a car wreck outside of the city, and you're definitely not in Kansas anymore as you walk along and your first zombie charges. You'll adventure through many locations in Union City and find others to help you along the way. Don't forget to interact with the environment around you: You'll find plenty of tools, weapons and resources that make life a little easier.

It's best to stay as far from the undead as possible and kill them from a distance, since their attacks are pretty strong and will wipe you out if you're not careful. This is where firearms come in, but aim well, since your ammo is limited. The gameplay is rather linear -- progress through a level while shooting down the zombies, solve a simple puzzle here and there -- but the game will throw some surprises at you, so stay on your toes!