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The Pocalypse Defense Instructions

The Pocalypse Defense is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the W and S keys to move Joe up and down the gate. Use the A and D keys (or mouse wheel) to cycle through available weapons. Use your weapon by clicking on your target. Activate Harry the Robot's abilities by clicking on the buttons in the lower-left corner of the screen. You may also use the Z, X, C, and V keys to activate Harry's attacks. Press spacebar to perform your tornado attack when the bar is full.

The Pocalypse Defense Walkthrough

The Pocalypse Defense is a defense game that takes place during a zombie apocalypse. This zombie game features an amazing soundtrack, incredible isometric sprite graphics, and outstanding gameplay.

The objective of The Pocalypse Defense is to defend the city of New Hammerston from zombie attackers. The integrity of the city's gate is displayed by a bar in the upper-left portion of the game's interface, and Joe's (your character's) health is displayed in the upper-right. If Joe's health reaches zero, then he will become incapacitated and unable to fight for a few seconds. If the gate's health reaches zero, then the zombies will break into town and all will be lost! In order to complete each wave of this zombie game, you must kill all zombies on each level.

You are not alone in The Pocalypse Defense. Your friends, Jess and Bernie, will automatically help you by attacking from the rooftop. You may also call upon your trusty robot pal, Harry, to help you in this zombie game. Harry can heal your wounds, partially repair the gate, fight enemies, and be used as a shield to absorb damage. Harry's abilities require energy, however, so you won't be able to repeatedly use his abilities until his energy recharges.

Your friends aren't the only helpers in The Pocalypse Defense. Occasionally, survivors will try to flee to your city's gates. Try to shoot zombies away from them to increase their chances of surviving. You may also click on them to heal them a little bit. The more survivors that make it to your city, the higher your score will be in this zombie game. More survivors also helps to increase the repair rate of the city wall.

You have the chance to purchase upgrades between waves in this zombie game. There are three upgrade shops: the Armory, where you can buy weapons upgrades for yourself as well as your buddies on the roof, Harry's Room where you can buy upgrades for Harry the Robot, and Doc's Lab, where you can buy upgrades and repairs for the city. I advise buying repairs for the city wall if the walls are badly damaged, and to unlock and upgrade the shotgun as soon as possible. There are a plethora of upgrades that are available to you, so save your credits and purchase the upgrades that complement your playing style.

The Pocalypse Defense is an excellent defense game with enough action to satisfy hardcore gamers and enough humor to captivate casual gamers. Man the defenses and protect your city in The Pocalypse Defense!