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TNT Zombies Instructions

TNT Zombies is controlled by using the mouse. Select the type of explosives that you want to place by clicking the buttons in the lower-left corner of the screen. Click on the stage to place explosives. Finally, click the detonator in the lower-right corner to detonate the explosives.

TNT Zombies Walkthrough

TNT Zombies is a physics game similar to Collapse It, but instead of harming innocent people, you are tasked with killing zombies! This zombie game features cartoonish graphics, simple controls, and twenty-eight explosive levels!

The goal of TNT Zombies is to kill all zombies on each level. Instead of being armed with a variety of weapons such as shotguns, machetes, or flamethrowers, you are armed with your brain and explosives in this zombie game. You will have to set explosives in the right places to bring doom upon the zombies. If the detonation of your explosives and the resultant destruction fails to kill all of the zombies, you will fail the level and have to retry it. Your progress is saved after completing each level, so you will be able to continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

TNT Zombies is controlled by the mouse exclusively. To begin, select the type of explosive that you want to place by clicking on its icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. After you have selected an explosive, click on the structure on the stage that you want to attach the explosive to. It should be noted that explosives cannot be placed on some materials in this physics game. To remove explosives from the stage, simply click on them. Once you are satisfied with your placements, click on the detonator in the lower-right corner of the screen and watch the fireworks!

Physics is your friend in TNT Zombies. The force of gravity is always in effect, so causing rubble to fall on top of zombies is always an effective way to kill them. Larger explosives also pack more of a punch and will push zombies away from the center of the explosion. This can be useful for flinging zombies into beds of spikes.

Unlike most zombie games, TNT Zombies challenges players' minds rather than their trigger fingers. Don't let the zombies eat your brain, because you will need it in this physics game!