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Toxie Radd 3D Instructions

Mouse to aim, left click to shoot, A/D to dodge left/right, Space for melee attack.

Toxie Radd 3D Walkthrough

Toxie Radd 3D is a throwback to old-school arcade shooter games like House of the Dead or Time Crisis, brought to you conveniently in your Flash-enabled web browser. It looks and plays the same as those classic games, with the addition of funny voice-overs and a sweet upgrade system, just to name a couple features.

In Toxie Radd 3D, you'll let your character Joe do the moving and looking around -- all you have to do is aim and shoot with the mouse, occasionally taking a swipe at zombies who come too close with your minigun-fused right arm. Use the A and D keys to dodge the ranged attacks and hold down the left mouse button to spin up your minigun into a fully automatic hail of bullets, but beware that your accuracy goes down the drain if you do this.

You'll earn coins for every level you clear, plus any Skill Coins that you managed to grab (by shooting them) during the level. Here's how the upgrade system breaks down:

Health: Increase your max health, which helps you to live longer

Minigun rate of fire: Your gun will shoot faster, sending more bullets into your enemies' rotting flesh

Bullet power: Max out your damage to take out those zombies in no time

Accuracy: Stay accurate for longer during automatic shooting

Power-up duration: You'll pick up various power-ups during the level; these will make them last longer

In the beginning, you'll want to upgrade Accuracy and either Health or Rate of Fire first, depending on if you want to deal more damage or increase your chance of survival. As you progress through the game, focus on your Accuracy and Rate of Fire, since it's better to have a ton of bullets that hit often, instead of one killer shot that misses all the time. Perhaps the least useful is Power-up Duration, since the power-ups are few and far between in the levels, and the points would be better spent on something like Health or Damage.

When it comes to gameplay in Toxie Radd 3D, there's really no strategy involved: Aim and shoot the zombies as quickly as you can, and be on the lookout for weak spots when you go up against a boss. As with all zombie games, headshots are especially effective, so aim there to put your enemies down quickly. If you're facing lots of weak enemies, it's sometimes better to opt for single, accurate shots to the head, as opposed to unloading in automatic mode and taking longer with body shots (or head shots that will miss because of reduced accuracy). If you find yourself in a situation that requires a swarm of bullets in automatic mode -- and you will, eventually -- then fire in short bursts and allow your accuracy to get back up before you start shooting again. The only exception would be is if you're overwhelmed with lots of zombies up close, in which case you can unload like a madman, since your bad accuracy is balanced out by their close proximity. Of course, you can always upgrade your accuracy all the way and shoot until your arm gets tired, because you won't be missing very often!