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Undead Highway Instructions

Undead Highway is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The WASD keys (or arrow keys) are used to move. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. Use the spacebar to cycle through weapons or the number keys to choose a weapon directly. The P key pauses the game and the escape key quits.

Undead Highway Walkthrough

Undead Highway is a top-down zombie shooting game. This zombie game features great graphics, an easy control scheme, and a wild variety of deadly weapons.

The objective of Undead Highway is to travel down the highway and escape the zombie infestation. Your character is a horrible driver, however, and often ends up totaling his vehicle. This forces you to get out on foot to find a new vehicle. Kill zombies and avoid being killed until you can find the key to the next automobile and proceed to the next level of this zombie game. If you die, you are given the chance to retry the current level. Should you decide to quit, however, you will have to restart the game from its beginning.

Undead Highway features a control scheme present in many other top-down shooting games. The WASD keys (or arrow keys) are used to move while the mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The spacebar is used to cycle through weapons, or you may use the number keys to switch directly to a weapon. If you run out of ammunition for your current weapon, you will have to switch it manually.

The thing that makes Undead Highway a unique shooting game is its arsenal. Some zombies that you kill will drop ammunition crates that can be picked up to increase your ammunition supply. If you pick up enough crates containing ammunition for a weapon that you have not yet acquired, the new weapon will be "crafted" and added to your arsenal. Weapons include the 9mm pistol that you start with, the marble gun (which acts like a shotgun), and dual-wield nail guns (which act like submachine guns). There are ten weapons featured in this zombie game; some of them may be zany, but they get the job done.

Despite its name, there is no much driving to be done in Undead Highway. A variety of weapons and plenty of undead to kill (or rekill?) make Undead Highway a solid shooting game, however!