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Under the Rubble Instructions

Under the Rubble is controlled by using the mouse. Select the type of explosives that you want to place by clicking the icons at the bottom of the screen. Click on the stage to place explosives. Finally, click the button towards the lower-right to detonate the explosives.

Under the Rubble Walkthrough

Under the Rubble is a zombie game similar to TNT Zombies, which is in turn similar to Collapse It. This physics game features colorful graphics, thirty levels, and sixteen achievements.

The goal of Under the Rubble is to kill alien zombies using the power of physics. It is important to target only the alien zombies; green zombies with stars over their heads are friendly and should not be killed in this zombie game. If you fail to kill all of the alien zombies or accidentally kill a friendly zombie, you will fail the level and have to restart it. If you manage to kill all of the alien zombies without harming friendly zombies, you will advance the the next level and your progress will be saved.

You are given a set number of explosives on each level of Under the Rubble to place on the stage in order to set off a chain of events that will kill the zombies. Explosives can be placed on wooden or ice surfaces, but cannot be placed on metal (with the exception of gray bombs). If you need to remove a bomb from the stage, simply click on it and it will be returned to your inventory. Once you are done placing bombs, click on the button labeled "Bang" in the lower-right of the game's interface.

If you want to earn big points in Under the Rubble, it is best to be frugal and quick. The faster that you complete each level, the higher your time bonus will be. Try to kill the alien zombies without using your entire stock of bombs. If you manage to do so, you will earn bonus points for each bomb that remains in your inventory!

Under the Rubble may not be the most original physics game, but it is a blast to play. If you enjoyed TNT Zombies or Collapse It, then you will also enjoy the thirty challenging levels that this zombie game has to offer!