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Urban Brawl Instructions

Use the arrow key that corresponds with the enemy to destroy the enemy.

Urban Brawl Walkthrough

Urban Brawl isn't like many of the other zombie games online. You aren't just given the task of shooting zombies to advance. Instead, you have to take out bunnies, zombies and dinosaurs to make it through this game. It is definitely challenging as the controls are much different than the controls in most other zombie games which will be hard for most advanced players of games in this genre to get used to. Instead of just aiming and firing, you have to hit the arrow key that corresponds with the enemy - not easy even for beginners, but those that are used to an aim and fire sort of game are going to have trouble breaking old habits.

At the top of the game screen in Urban Brawl, you will see enemy icons - the rabbit on the bottom left, the UFO beside the rabbit, the zombie on the bottom right and the dinosaur on the top. Each of these icons corresponds with an arrow key on your keyboard. When the enemies appear on your screen, you need to press the arrow key that corresponds with that enemy to take them out. For example, the left arrow key will take out rabbits. You need to time your attack on rabbits well. If you hit them properly, you may be able to take out more than one rabbit at once. You also need to keep your eye out for zombies that will attack alongside the rabbits. This is where the game gets tricky.

Urban Brawl is one of the more difficult zombie games online because you need to think fast and determine what enemy poses the most threat. In most cases it's a good idea to take out as many rabbits as you can as quickly as you can. They are faster than any other enemies and one attack will only take out one or two rabbits at the most. Alternatively, an attack on zombies and dinosaurs will take out all of the zombies and dinosaurs on the screen. If there is some distance between you and the rabbits, take out the zombies, dinosaurs or UFOs first so you can focus on the rabbits, but if the rabbits are close enough to attack, focus on them first. If you're close enough to attack them, they'll be close enough to attack you before long.

Overall, Urban Brawl is a challenging online zombie game that will keep you playing round after round. The game gets much more challenging as you progress but with a little patience, you can work out a strategy that works for you and reach the end.