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When The Plague Came Instructions

Aim at zombies and click the left-mouse button to shoot your gun - after each round ends, you'll be able to upgrade existing weapons or purchase new ones to fight off the undead.

When The Plague Came Walkthrough

When the Plague Came is one of the most unique zombie games you'll come across - combining a few genres of gameplay, you'll find yourself scrambling to keep up with everything this game throws at you. Whether it's defense, offense, or anything else, almost everything is upgradable. Not only does this mean you change your playing style every time you try out this zombie game, it means you'll have a huge arsenal to choose from as well.

So, when you start, you're given the most basic turret - but be careful, make sure you don't overheat the gun by firing too often. You'll have to take accurate shots if you want to fend off the undead, so taking your time is just as important as mowing down the zombies.

When the Plague Came consists of thirty levels full of mayhem - and if you're not doing so well in any particular level, you can choose to quit the level but still keep the money you've won - so, if you're not doing so hot overall, you can just get some extra cash and upgrade what you need to.

You'll have plenty to choose from when you upgrade your weapons, too. From saw blades to flamethrowers, this zombie game has almost every weapon you can think of. But you're not just upgrading your weapons; you can upgrade your defenses, too. You see, as the days wear on, different types of creatures will start appearing - you can see what they look like at the starting menu - and you'll have to upgrade your defenses to keep up with the almost unstoppable horde.

When shooting at the dead, make sure you don't fire for too long - since overheating your gun can be just as bad as not shooting at the zombies at all. Along with upgrading your defenses on par with your offensive weapons, you'll be able to survive about as long as you want - but focusing as just one aspect is a great way to lose in this zombie game.

Along with making tons of kills, and getting tons of combos, you can also unlock achievements and receive special bonuses that you'd normally have no access to - make sure you try and do this as much as possible; it's your best bet when dealing with the undead.