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Zomballoons Instructions

Zomballoons is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Move your mouse to aim. Click and hold the left mouse button to charge your shot. Release the left mouse button to shoot. Use the left and right arrow keys to run to different sides of the hotel.

Zomballoons Walkthrough

Zomballoons is another zombie shooting game. Unlike most zombie games, Zomballoons has a more humorous air (no pun intended) to it, along with bright, colorful graphics and a simple storyline to give a purpose to the action.

In Zomballoons, you play the role of a doorman tasked with keeping zombies out of your exclusive party. Since you won't let them in through the door, the zombies will attempt to reach the penthouse of your hotel by using hot air balloons! Your mission is to pop their balloons and prevent them from getting to the party. Each time a zombie reaches the top of the screen, you will lose one life. When all lives are lost, the game will end. Your progress is not saved between waves of this zombie game, so you will have to start from the very beginning each time that you play.

You can purchase upgrades between levels of this shooting game to help you in your mission. I advise you to upgrade your speed first to be able to run back and forth between the two sides of the hotel. Upgrade this stat as soon as possible; it is not important at the beginning of this zombie game, but it will pay of on later levels. The other upgrades depend on your style of play. Personally, I am fond of the multi-arrow upgrade since it allows more damage to be dealt and has the potential to hit multiple balloons.

Zomballoons uses the mouse as its primary control device. Your bow is aimed by moving your mouse. To shoot, click and hold the left mouse button to increase the power of your shot, then release the left mouse button to shoot an arrow (or multiple arrows if you have purchased the upgrade). Zombies attack from both sides of the hotel in later levels of this shooting game, so you will have to run to each side of the hotel to attack zombies. To do so, use the left and right arrow keys to switch sides.

Unlike the millions of zombie shooting games that can be found on the Web, Zomballoons isn't just full of hot air. The party is on and you're invited in Zomballoons!