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Zombie Dolls Instructions

Zombie Dolls - the control scheme of this game is as straightforward as it could get. For the most part, you need your mouse: (1) move it up and down to get your hit man at the right spot, and (2) press the left click button to fire. You will encounter different types of zombies, and that means you need a variety of weapons to take advantage of their weaknesses. That said, you need to press the Space Bar button to switch between weapons. This is also very useful when you are being overwhelmed and your current weapon's reload time takes forever. Last BUT not the least, press the F button to fix your damaged barricades and hit the G button to throw those Cherry Bombs. Well, that's about it for the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Zombie Dolls Walkthrough

So you're a HUGE fan of zombie games? Cool, perhaps you have played Plants Vs Zombies before? Yeah, that one was a HUGE hit. And if you are on the hunt for a Plants vs. Zombie-esque game, then Zombie Dolls deserves a closer look from you. The zombie dolls have taken over the neighborhood and everyone else has fled to safer and zombie-free lands. BUT the hell with fleeing! That's for sissies. You, as stupid as may sound, decided to take on the zombies all by yourself... determined to make that stand and protect your home.

I would like to think that this zombie game is light-hearted BUT it isn't. Sure the zombie dolls look cute and they are anything BUT scary. However, as we all know, looks can be quite deceiving! These zombies are out for blood! Not only do they come in large numbers, they are assorted too. And guess what that means: some zombies are faster and tougher than the regular ones... and you need a variety of weapons to deal with them.

There are the regular green-colored zombie dolls that can easily be taken down with a shot. As you progress, you will encounter the zombie doll on fire which is running like it's on steroids. Your reflexes should be fast and aim as accurate as you can if you want to survive against these crazies. Then there are the ninja zombies characterized by their... well, ninja uniform. While not really tough, what makes these ninja zombies deadly is that they can dodge your bullets pretty easily. You will miss a lot. You need something that's rapid firing to deal with these elusive undead. And those are just to name a few!

To make the game even MORE challenging, unlike in Plants Vs. Zombies where you can install a pea shooter almost anywhere, in Zombie Dolls, there's no such thing. It's just you and you have to move to and fro to deal with incoming zombies.

Now, don't fret. While it seems that the odds are tipped against you, there's always the weapon shop where you can buy and upgrade weapons, grenades, and barricades. But mind you, the weapons and upgrades in this zombie game can be a little expensive.

You will start the game with a Spud Gun. There's nothing special about it, BUT it gets the job done... at least for the time being. Then there's the Spud Gun MKII, which is the BIGGER and nastier brother of the Spud Gun. There are melee weapons for close encounters like the Stick and Foam Boat. There are rapid firing firearms like the Auto Spud Gun, Air Soft Venum and Burster, and those are just to name a few. For those zombies that are clumped together or form a long line, the Straight Shot is your weapon of choice. I recommend that you check out the weapon's shop and have a look at the weapons you can buy. Making a well-educated purchase is always a good thing.

Oh! And one last thing before you go, don't forget to pick up those coins that the zombies drop when they die. Just hover your mouse on those coins and they are automatically collected. Now enough reading, go defend your keep!