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Zombie Exploder Instructions

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. Move your mouse back and forth to punch, and hold-down the left mouse button to kick. To do a flying kick or jumping punch for extra damage, attack while pressing the space bar.

Zombie Exploder Walkthrough

You'll start on the 20th floor with this beat 'em up...but you'll quickly find that this zombie game is different than most. Using a unique fighting system, you'll be beating the dead to a pulp in style, racking up combos while doing so.

The zombies in this game are a lot tougher than what you would normally find, so getting used to the controls is crucial. If you happen to get a lot of death combos, your character will go on a killing rampage, and you'll really be able to do some damage. Otherwise, make sure that you conserve your stamina - if you use flying kicks too often, you'll drain it quickly, and you'll only be able to punch.

While it's fun to do a flying jump-kick through a horde of enemy zombies, it's also a good way to die. In Zombie Exploder, your best bet is taking each zombie one-on-one. By killing each zombie quickly, you'll increase your bonus meter, and when it's full, there isn't anything that can get in your way.

Each level consists of a floor in an office building - after killing a few zombies, some will pop out of doors, and once a level is completed, you'll be immediately sent to the next (lower) floor, making this game just as hectic as it is difficult.

If you're looking for a challenge that can't be beaten right away, Zombie Exploder is what you should be playing. With combos, flying kicks and punches, and stronger-than-average undead, this is one zombie game you shouldn't pass up.