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Zombie Infestation Strain:116 Instructions

Move left using 'a' or left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or right arrow key. Move up using 'w' or up arrow key. Move down using 's' or down arrow key. Run by holding 'shift' key and pressing directional arrow. Aim weapong using mouse. Fire with left mouse button. Choose weapon by pressing numbers 1-5. Reload with 'r'. Open doors or pick up items with 'space'. View minimap by pressing 'm'. Pause game with 'p'. Use armor kit with 'c'. Use medkit with 'x'.

Zombie Infestation Strain:116 Walkthrough

Zombie Infestation Strain:116 is one of the most engrossing, addictive zombie games online. With 125 areas to search on 25 floors, this game offers more than enough to keep you entertained. Your goal is to find 'The Carrier' who is supposedly living somewhere in the lower levels of the building. Find 'The Carrier' and win the game. It sounds simple, but it's anything but.

You are given only limited vision as you navigate through the areas of the building on your search. Along the way you will find ammunition, health packs and armor packs; all of which will help your greatly throughout the game. You will also find door keys you will need to use to unlock doors. The graphics aren't extraordinary but they really don't have to be in a game like this. They're good enough to keep your interest and keep you playing without being overwhelming or distracting. The focus is on killing zombies and finding the carrier - not on flashy backgrounds.

The key to Zombie Infestation Strain: 116 is to move slowly into new rooms and take out zombies as soon as you see them. Although you have fairly sturdy armor, the armor packs (used to repair your armor) aren't always easy to come across. Once you lose your armor and begin taking actual hits, your health fades fast. Also, make sure you don't open a door with your back to it. There are often zombies waiting on the other side. Be ready to shoot as soon as the door is open. Also make sure you explore every area of a floor before you go either up or down the stairs to make sure you find all the weapons, ammo and repairs as you can. You'll need them.

There are a wealth of weapons available to you in Zombie Infestation and as you progress, there will be more zombies you need to take out. Having a well stocked arsenal is the only way to survive. As you explore, you will find new weapons that will aid you in your fight. Sometimes the weapons you start the game with will not be enough, so pick up as many weapons and as much ammo as you can. It will sometimes be impossible to avoid getting attacked by a zombie. When this happens, you won't be able to move. Try circling your character with your mouse. This should enable you to move away from the zombie and take it out.

Overall, Zombie Infestation Strain: 116 is a great game that will keep you playing. You will find yourself trying harder and harder to kill the various kinds of zombies and zombie dogs so you can survive, find the carrier and destroy it; thereby bringing an end to the infestation. It's definitely one of the better zombie games online and well worth checking out.