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Rating: 3.94/5 stars (170 ratings)

Zombie Invaders 2 Instructions

Move using the mouse. Fire your weapon using the left mouse button.

Zombie Invaders 2 Walkthrough

Zombie Invaders 2 is an excellent online zombie game with great graphics and lots of zombie killing action to keep you on your toes. The game has a sort of Space Invaders feel with better graphics and attacking zombies instead of attacking aliens. The Zombies begin marching onto the game screen with one goal in mind; dragging you off and turning you in to zombie food. That is obviously something you want to avoid. Kill all the zombies before they can reach the bottom of the screen to save your own life and live to fight the next wave. If even one zombie reaches you, it's game over. You have three lives to survive wave after wave of zombies which gets increasingly difficult to do as more enemies emerge. From bats that spring from destroyed tombstones to skeleton zombies that throw bones at you, there are many baddies to avoid with more and more appearing as the game progresses.

The real challenge of Zombie Invaders 2 is navigating around the tombstones that spring up after you kill a zombie. These tombstones become obstacles protecting the zombies passing behind them. Shooting them repeatedly will destroy them and give you a clear shot, but focusing on shooting the tombstones will mean you aren't shooting zombies. Try to get as many of the tombstones out of the way as you can at the very beginning of the level when the majority of the zombies are still emerging. Once you have some of the tombstones out of the way, start killing the zombies that are further back. This will mean any tombstones aren't really going to cause you any problems with killing the rest of the zombies. Working your way from the back to the front is a great way to make sure tombstones don't get in your way.

When you destroy tombstones you are likely going to encounter bats. Don't waste time trying to shoot the bats as the approach the bottom of the screen; just get out of the way. This is the same with the zombies that spring out of graves. Although you may be tempted to try to kill them, they move very quickly and throw bones at you. Instead of trying to take them out, just get out of the way.

Zombie Invaders 2 is definitely one of the more challenging zombie games online, but it's also one of the most addictive. The game isn't so difficult newcomers to this genre of game won't enjoy it, but not so easy experienced players will get bored. It really is a game for everyone. There is really no gore in the game at all, so those with weak stomachs will enjoy it while the graphics are exceptionally good so even the most experienced player will enjoy the look of the game. The first few levels are fairly easy but the game definitely gets more challenging around level three. You'll have a great time playing, regardless of how much experience you have. Certainly, Zombie Invaders 2 is a zombie game worth playing.