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Zombie Knight Instructions

Arrow keys to move (double-tap Left or Right to dash), A to block, S to attack, D for special skill, 1-4 keys to select special skill, Q for previous skill, E for next skill, Space to interact.

Zombie Knight Walkthrough

In a twist on the usual setting of hacking and slashing through hordes of the undead, in Zombie Knight, you ARE a zombie! On a quest to kill other zombies! You have been betrayed and turned into one of the roaming undead, but you still have your wits about you, and you've set off to avenge the rest of your fellow knights and get vengeance for your own death.

Zombie Knight is a side-scroller in which you can move back and forth on the battle field. Your enemies, which range from zombies to humans to orcs and other fantasy creatures, will come at you in waves from the left and right sides. You'll be holding down the S key most of the time, taking swipes at your foes until they fall. Each enemy has a health bar in the top right. Your health and mana bars are in the bottom left and right corners of the screen -- you regenerate mana but not health. Enemies will drop health and mana potions to keep you in the fight, along with gold to buy more weapons and armor in the shop.

In the Zombie Knight shop, you'll find a wide range of offensive and defensive weapons. You can upgrade your sword and purchase varying qualities of armor, which we recommend doing as soon as possible. It's a better idea to build up your defense, since a shiny new sword or axe won't do much if you're dead (for real this time). If you have the cash for it, opt for the best armor pieces right away, since it actually costs more to buy a lower quality armor, sell it, and then buy the best after that. Once you've strengthened your defense, then you can go all-out with the sharpest and deadliest weapon. If cash is tight, then replay an easier level a few times to get rich, then move on to the next uncleared level with all your spiffy gear.

You'll start off with two special skills: A brutal dash attack with multiple hits, and a (re)zombifying attack that turns your enemies into allies for a short period of time, or until they die (again). You'll learn two other secret techniques as the game progresses that will really help you turn the tide against your foes!

In Zombie Knight, a good offense is the best defense. In other words, you're better off to keep attacking and mowing the enemies down, instead of always defending. The enemies will keep spawning, so if you're stuck on the defensive, you'll eventually get surrounded or overwhelmed, and your defense will backfire. Take down the enemies quickly and only defend when going against tougher enemies, like the armor-wearing kind. You'll pick up health potions often enough to be in good condition.

Focus on clearing out one side of the battlefield instead of going back and forth so you don't get surrounded (you can only defend against one side). You can spill a whole lot of blood if you get all your enemies on the same side and in a straight line, then release your dash attack to mow them down easily. Beware, though: Each time you use a special skill, its cooldown period gets longer! Use them sparingly and strategically to win each level.