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Zombie Last Night 2 Instructions

Zombie Last Night 2 is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot. Use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move. The number keys (1-3) are used to switch between weapons. Press the spacebar to use medkits. The P key pauses the game.

Zombie Last Night 2 Walkthrough

Zombie Last Night 2 is the sequel to the top-down shooting game, Zombie Last Night. Zombie Last Night 2 features improved graphics, thirty achievements, and wave-based gameplay as opposed to the never-ending horde of zombies faced in the first Zombie Last Night.

The objective of Zombie Last Night 2 is to survive for as long as possible against waves of zombies. The game continues until you die, at which point you will be able to use any skill points and money earned to upgrade your character and try it again. There are forty waves to survive through in this zombie game. If you survive through a multiple of ten waves, you will set a benchmark and be able to start on that wave the next time that you play. After all forty waves are completed, you will unlock Survival Mode where you can face off against endless hordes of zombies (similar to the first Zombie Last Night).

You begin this zombie game with a lowly pistol and no skills, but as you kill zombies, you will earn skill points and money which can be used to upgrade your character and purchase superior weapons. I advise you to upgrade your character's damage skill to its maximum before upgrading any other skills. Maxed out damage can make even your starter pistol a deadly weapon! You can buy up the entire arsenal, but you can only bring three weapons along with you, so choose wisely. I recommend bringing a power weapon (such as the magnum) for long-range engagements, a shotgun for dealing with zombies that are invading your personal space, and a rapid-fire weapon. The only thing that this zombie game lacks is a good melee weapon!

Zombie Last Night 2 is a major improvement over its predecessor and a solid shooting game in its own right. If you are a fan of top-down shooters, then you will love Zombie Last Night 2!