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Zombie Man Instructions

Move right with 'a'. Move left with 'd'. Move up with 'w'. Move down with 's'. Aim with the mouse. Fire with left mouse button.

Zombie Man Walkthrough

Zombie Man is an addictive online zombie game that is so much fun because it is so different than all the other zombie games online. It is unique in that being infected does not mean the game is over. Instead, being infected means you play as a zombie. As a zombie, your goal is to turn soldiers into zombies. If you get shot while you're a zombie, you will turn back into a soldier and resume your objective of curing zombies. You have five changes before you body can no longer take it and you die. This key difference makes the game a lot more fun than the traditional online zombie game. There are the usual power-ups that will help you as you try to complete your objective. The power-ups appear in green and can provide you with a variety of helpful things to keep you playing longer. Avoid zomb-dogs and drainhole covers as both of those things will mean certain death. You get bonuses if stay in either zombie or human form long enough to change ten opponents. This isn't all that easy to do, but the bonuses are a fun challenge to go for.

In Zombie Man you have a gun that fires serum to cure zombies of the infestation and turn them back into humans. Once they are converted into humans they will help you shoot zombies - unless, of course, they are reinfected. You only have so much ammo though, so be careful how you aim and fire. If you fire too much too quickly, you will run out of ammo and won't have much of a chance to stay human. As a zombie, you have no weapon to fight with. Instead, your goal is simply to turn humans into zombies which you do by jumping on them. You just the same way you would fire your weapon. Target soldiers using the jaws that appear as soon as you are infected.

The graphics in Zombie Man are on par with what you would expect from any online zombie game. They aren't spectacular, but they are far from dull or boring. Overall, Zombie Man is one of the most original and unique online zombie games that will keep you playing level after level. How many days can you survive? Play this exciting, action packed game and find out!