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Zombie Man 2 Instructions

Use the WASD keys to walk around and the left mouse-button to shoot, if you're a human. If you're a zombie, you can click on your prey to attack. Use the space bar to plant mines - the only thing that can kill zombie dogs. The Q key uses power ups while the E button picks them up.

Zombie Man 2 Walkthrough

You'll have to think fast if you want to survive for more than a day in Zombie Man 2. While every time you die you turn into a zombie (or a human if you were previously zombie), you can only survive the switch five times, so your vitality is definitely limited.

You can either start this zombie game with story mode or slaughter mode - the latter being a free-play type, although story-mode has you completing either human or zombie missions. These missions get harder in difficulty as time goes on, but if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse, you'll have to roll with the undead punches.

If you want to survive, you'll have to be clever while playing - namely, the most important thing is to keep moving at all times. Look out for crazy robots, zombie dogs especially, and it doesn't hurt to constantly shoot all the time. After so many kills, you'll level up, and you should try to pick up power ups as often as you can.

Zombie dogs are probably the biggest threat this zombie game has to offer - they're difficult to kill and they're fast. If you think you see one, plant a mine - you start the game with 30 - so you have plenty to use. If you do end up being bitten, and turn into a zombie, think nothing of it; when playing as a zombie, you can attack and move much faster than humans can. When attacking as a zombie, you can really do some damage.