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Zombie Outbreak 2 Instructions

Zombie Outbreak 2 is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The WASD keys (or arrow keys) are used to move. Hold the shift key to run. The number keys are used to switch between ranged weapons, and the Z, X, and C keys are used to switch melee weapons. Alternatively, you may used the Q and E keys to cycle through weapons. The R key is used to reload your weapon. Use the F key to toggle your flashlight. The spacebar is used to end the level. To aim and attack, use your mouse. Finally, the P key may be used to pause the game.

Zombie Outbreak 2 Walkthrough

Zombie Outbreak 2 is the sequel to the first Zombie Outbreak. Zombie Outbreak 2 features ten zombie-infested levels, a huge arsenal of weapons, and thrilling gameplay.

The objective of Zombie Outbreak 2 is to make it to the exit of each level. Along the way, you will have to slaughter zombies before they slaughter you. If you complete a level, you will be able to progress to the next, but if you die on a level, you will have to start that level from its beginning. Zombie Outbreak 2 automatically saves your progress, so you may continue from where you left off if you decide to take a break and resume play at a later time.

Zombie Outbreak 2 features a plethora of weapons with which to eliminate your undead foes. Weapons can be found by combing the levels of this zombie game. To pick up a weapon, simply walk over it. Guns will have to be reloaded, but you have unlimited magazines to reload with.

In order to upgrade weapons in Zombie Outbreak 2, you will have to collect supplies. Supplies are found by breaking open crates and picking up the supplies inside. It is easy to rush for the exit in this zombie game, but if you want to improve your arsenal, you'll want to collect as many supplies as you can on each level. To use the supplies to upgrade your weapons, click on "Upgrades" in the level selection menu. I advise you to upgrade your axe and dual pistols as soon as you can. These weapons may seem basic, but they can be deadly when upgraded to their maximum levels!

Unlike the first Zombie Outbreak, Zombie Outbreak 2 features melee weapons. Nothing is quite as satisfying as splitting a zombie's head open with an axe, and you can do it in this zombie game! Melee weapons are extremely powerful, but not as useful as guns when dealing with large groups of undead, so I advise you to stick with your guns if you are being swamped by enemies.

Zombie Outbreak 2 is an action-packed shooting game, and a major improvement over its predecessor. Zombie Outbreak 2 is a thriller of a zombie game, but remember that these zombies are out for blood, not for dancing!