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Zombie Smasher Instructions

Zombie Smasher is controlled by using the mouse. Click on vehicles to make them go and click on them again to stop them. The R key may be used to restart a level.

Zombie Smasher Walkthrough

Zombie Smasher is the sequel to Pipol Smasher. This zombie game features superior, more-detailed graphics than its predecessor, and eerie soundtrack to go along with the horror game atmosphere, and thirty levels.

Zombie Smasher is a puzzle game with gameplay similar to its predecessor, Pipol Smasher. This time, instead of killing innocent civilians with vehicles, you must crush the undead. To win each level of Zombie Smasher, you must kill all of the zombies on that level. Some levels are straightforward and only require you to drive over zombies, while other levels are more complex and will require you to use objects on the stage to cause a chain of events that will slaughter the undead horde. If you allow one of your vehicles to drive off of the stage, then you will fail and have to restart, so it is a good idea to stop cars before the are about to fall off of the stage, since cars do not stop on a dime in this puzzle game. You may restart a level manually at any time by pressing the R key. You have unlimited attempts to complete each level in this zombie game.

When levels begin in Zombie Smasher, characters may have dialogue. Pay close attention to this dialogue because it may explain some aspects of the gameplay mechanics, the uses and behaviors of certain objects on the stage, and clues as to what to do to complete the level. The dialogue may be too fast to read, so it may behoove you to press the R key to restart the level and read the dialogue. You are not penalized for restarting levels, so there is no need to worry. If you still need help, you can click on the walkthrough button in the upper-right corner of the screen, but I advise you to try to solve the puzzles yourself to get the full value out of this zombie game.

Zombie Smasher is an addicting puzzle game, but thirty levels may be too much for one sitting. Not to worry; your progress is automatically saved, so you can continue from the last level that you completed. If harming innocent people seemed to cruel in Pipol Smashers, then killing zombies is a great alternative in its sequel, Zombie Smashers. Who cares about zombies; they are only here to be slaughtered by gamers anyway (hopefully the Coalition for Undead Equality doesn't read this).