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Zombie Taxi Instructions

Accellerate using the 'w' or the up arrow key. Control direction of your taxi using 'a' and 'd' or the left and right arrow keys. Brake or reverse using 's' or the down arrow key.

Zombie Taxi Walkthrough

In Zombie Taxi you are charged with getting as many people out of harms way as possible by picking them up in your taxi and getting them to the drop spot. The problem is, there are zombies trying to make lunch out of them and you have to try to rescue them before that happen. It is much easier said than done. It's also a lot of fun.

Those who aren't used to taxi games or racing games might have a hard time getting the hang of Zombie Taxi. It is definitely not your typical online zombie game. Those who are used to normal zombie games are likely going to have a bit of trouble getting used to controlling the taxi, but those who have experience playing racing or taxi games shouldn't have much trouble at all navigating their taxi through the city. The zombies, however, add enough challenge to the game that there is really something for everyone.

Those who have experience with both zombie games and taxi games might be able to easily navigate through the city in Zombie Taxi, but picking up passengers might pose an interesting problem. You need to get to them before the zombies do. You can try to run over the zombies and you willo get bonus points if you do, but you also need to avoid running over your potential passengers as well. This isn't always an easy task.

What makes Zombie Taxi so difficult is the fact that you only have ninety seconds to get as many passengers to safety as you can. You need to focus on the passengers if you want to have a chance. Although you get bonus points for each zombie kill, you need to do your best to get the passengers to the drop zones at the edge of the map.

Overall, Zombie Taxi is a surprisingly addictive zombie game that will keep you on your toes and keep you interested throughout the game. When your ninety seconds is up you are going to want to play again and again. Beginners will likely get frustrated with it, but be patient and keep playing. You'll get much better with time.