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Zombie Trailer Park Instructions

The control scheme of Zombie Park? Piece of cake to handle - for the most part, you only need to use your mouse. Click here to send out Shovel Men, click there to build a Farm House, a couple of more clicks to increase your population capacity by building Trailers, some more clicks to build Salvage Yards and increase your income, and everything else in between. As long as your mouse is in good shape, you should be able to enjoy this game!

Zombie Trailer Park Walkthrough

Here's the story in one of the most exciting Zombie games you could lay your hands on - the zombies have already taken over the Metropolis and left it in dust. The good news is tha you are living in the trailers... somewhere far from the buzz and noise of the city. The bad news, though, is that the zombies have decided to cross the borders between city and the farms and trailers where you live in. They are after your trailer and you need to defend it with whatever you have.

See that life bar which says My Base? Once zombies reach your domain and start hammering on your base... once that life bar dwindles down to nothing, it's game over for you. Whatever happens, don't let them overwhelm you... fight back!

You can send out a couple of guys to get rid of the undead - (1) Shovel Man - the name says it all. These guys carry shovel and they will hammer zombies that crosses their path using that good old shovel. (2) Angry Farmer - armed with a shotgun and an attitude, once these guys are out, only death can stop them from shooting down zombies. (3) Survivalist - this is more of an improved version of the angry farmer. These guys ride in cars and carry 50 caliber machine guns... perfect for those troll like and giant sized zombies. (4) Moonshine Bomber - these are drunkards that carry explosive cocktail... LITERALLY. (5) The Preacher - the most advanced unit of them all. While he's not cut for tanking damage (the shovel men are more cut for that as they are inexpensive), he can turn damned units into friendly ones in an instant!

3 Special Skills - There are 3 special skills called Yee Haw at your disposal (1) Angry Mobs - this sends out... well, angry mobs! A combination of angry farmers backing up a lot of shovel men. (2) Harvester - sends out a harvester that shreds those zombies to pieces no matter what their size. (3) Air Strike - Luckily, a relative of yours works for the airforce. Ask for help and he will send out bomber planes to clean up the mess.

With 4 stages, you may think that this game is a piece of cake... well, you are DEAD WRONG! These four stages pick up on the difficulty department by A LOT. And you need to try different strategies and tactics for each of the stages. YES, you have to be flexible in this game if you want to see daylight.

Very entertaining, comes with nice sound effects, and its gameplay is an excellent combination of tower defense, RTS, and shooting zombie games - what more could you ask for?