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Zombie Train Instructions

W A S D to move, F to repair barricades, R to reload, Q/E previous/next weapon, number keys to select weapon, P/Space to pause/go to item shop, left click to fire.

Zombie Train Walkthrough

Zombie Train is an action-packed frenzy against the undead, in which you, as the unnamed protagonist, will be defending your train against the invading hordes of zombies. Your only defense will be your armory of weapons and the barricades that you build against the undead.

The game plunges you into the first level without much warning, so move to the windows where the zombies are attacking and start shooting. You're given just a pistol in the beginning, which you can reload for free, but it's pretty weak. You should be able to pick off the zombies in the first couple of levels before they break any windows. Somehow, you can shoot out the window without breaking it. Don't ask questions. If your barricades do break down, just approach them and tap F to repair them instantly.

Once you've gotten a feel for Zombie Train with a few waves of zombies, press Space or the P key to pause the game and browse the shop. You'll have the usual repertoire of zombie-slaying weapons to choose from -- pistols, shotguns, and automatic rifles -- with each one being more powerful than the weapon before it. You'll want to spend most of your money on better weapons, since your survival is the only thing that determines if you win or lose; your barricades can be destroyed and repaired over and over without penalty. Once you can spare some change, though, you'll definitely want to upgrade your barricades to wood or fences, since those flimsy panes of glass don't hold up very well. Your minigun or cannon turrets will help take some pressure off, but while they're indestructible, they only have so much ammo, and once they run out, you'll have to buy another turret. They will usually last for at least three or four waves before running out of ammo.

A good strategy in Zombie Train is to place a turret at one end of the train while you focus on the other cars. The turret can shoot 360 degrees, so place it in the middle of the room and let it do some dirty work for you. Generally, you should focus on the zombies that are closest to you, to keep the barricades from getting destroyed, and to keep yourself alive a little longer. Once you've cleared the wave, run around and fix as many windows as you can before the next set of zombies sweep in.

Fortunately, your impressive multi-tasking skills allow you to repair a window while shooting a zombie in the head at the same time. If a barricade is under attack, you can approach it while holding down the mouse button to fire at the zombies, and then tap F to fix the window without missing a beat. The only thing that takes time is reloading, and even then it's only about a second.

The key to this game is finding a balance between heavy firepower with your weapon, a solid defense with upgraded barricades, and turrets to keep the zombies at bay. Use your brain or else it may become a lucky zombie's dinner!