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Zombies Attack Again Instructions

A simple and Halloween-themed zombie game that comes with simple control scheme. Use the arrow keys for basic movement. For attacking, you have to use the W, A, S, and D keys. Press the A button for a melee attack. Hit it 3 times to do a combo. Press the S button to jump. Hit and hold down the D button to do a special move. And lastly, the W transforms you to a zombie-killing zombie (?). That's about it for the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Zombies Attack Again Walkthrough

The zombie apocalypse is upon us in Zombies Attack Again! And to make matters worse, you don't have any access to guns, bazookas, tanks, and other ranged and anti-zombie weapons that we are all used to. BUT you wouldn't allow yourself to just end up as lunch for zombie, would you? Of course NOT! So pick up your player, grab your melee weapon of choice, and go whack some zombies!

The objective of the game is as straightforward as it could get: whack the zombies all through the end of the game. To start off, you have to pick your player. You have a choice between an Angry Rabbit and a Bearded Fella. Next, it's time to grab your weapon. Initially, there are four to choose from - a club with barb wire; a police man's bat; a sword; and a plumber's pump. Personally, I like the police man's bat. The sword and club are look too barbaric for modern times. The plumber's pump looks stupid. After every level, you get to change weapons. Anyway, moving forward...

The game is very easy to play. In case you missed the controls, scroll all the way up and read it. You could get away with just the S and D buttons. Pressing them together at the right time let's you perform aerial combos - whacking zombies left and right while keeping them in the air. As far as I can remember, the highest air combo that I achieved is a little more than 50. The zombies appear in threes usually and they are tough nuts to crack so it will surely take A LOT of whacking to get rid of them. If you are feeling a little lazy, if mashing the S and A buttons cramped your fingers, you can always pull off a special attack by holding down the D button. I really like Light Saber's special attack. You get to unleash lightning a la Darth Sidious from the Star Wars series. But let me remind you, using the special attack is mana dependent. It can easily drain your energy. BUT don't worry. At almost every stop-over, you will find soap to eat and refresh your mana. I just don't know where the developer got the idea that eating soap is energizing.

Anyway, another mana-dependent skill you have is the Zombie Transformation technique. As the name suggests, it transforms you into a zombie... making you tougher, deal HIGHER damage, and faster. The only problem is that you can only transform into a zombie if your mana is full. Personally, I didn't use this skill A LOT.

Aside from your mana, you also have to care of your health bar naturally. Once that runs out (and perhaps it will for a couple of times), just hit continue and you will be resurrected. BUT you have to tap the up arrow key MANY times before you come into full consciousness.

The game comes with 3 levels. At the end of each level, you have to face a massive and scary-looking zombie boss. BUT that's all there is to these guys - they are just massive and scary-looking, yet they shouldn't pose serious troubles to your quest for survival. Their patterns of attack are very predictable. Aside from having tough skin, whacking and attacking them enough times should take them out.