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Zombies Took My Daughter Instructions

Your keyboard is your best friend in this innovative zombie game. Use the left as well as right arrow keys to move in those directions. Hit the up directional key to interact with things and people you encounter and climb as well. As for battling it out with those zombies, press the space bar to attack. Now there will be times that it's wise not to engage and just sneak your way through. To do just that, press down while walking and make sure the zombies are not aware of your presence.

Zombies Took My Daughter Walkthrough

Ahhh, it's the same old concept as with most zombie games - they are taking over the city, you need to shoot them down, escape the city, rinse and repeat. Boring, isn't it? I, too, get a little bored with the same old play style that most zombie games and shooters have. BUT here's the good news: Zombies Took My Daughter just brought new life to the zombie games genre that has been done countless times. First off, this is a side scrolling action game...not first person. Second, it comes with a lot of clever changes you will surely love!

The Story: In Zombies Took My Daughter, you are playing as a grizzled and nameless fellow. The problem - your daughter Anna happened to be in the city when the zombies started their invasion. And you only have 36 hours to find her and get her out to safety. Otherwise, the transportation will leave without you. Now, considering how huge the city is coupled with the zombies running amok, the task beforehand is a dangerous and a very difficult one. Along the way, you will find and rescue survivors, track down criminals (I'm surprised you'd still have time for this), and gather as many clues as possible to unravel the whereabouts of Anna before the ticking clock catches up. Fun? YEAH! BUT this is the sweetest part - every time you play, everything is randomly generated! I do mean everything - monsters, items, people you'd encounter, and even the layout of the city itself. That means you will have a new challenge each time you play. Talk about incredible replay value!

As you explore the city in search for clues to track down Anna, you will discover that the process takes a HECK lot of time. The city is big, traveling through the subway seems to take forever. And with that in mind, anything that can help you narrow down your search should be very welcome. HOWEVER, should you find yourself backed into a corner... nah, it's not the end of the world. But while death is not permanent, you will lose 2 hours of the given time and the cash you have will be halved too every time you respawn at the nearest subway station. Here is a tip: See those bard on top of the screen that shows your location in each city block? Yeah? Good. If it's all green, that means you have already searched the whole place. Otherwise, you still have places you need to check out. Do NOT left any stone unturned! Now, to make the challenge bearable, time only passes while you are on travel or you are incapacitated. This means you can take as much time you as can to explore each area and do it as thoroughly as possible.

Weapons? You will realize that this is a very broad term in this game. Shooting or cleaving your enemies is common. BUT what about whacking them with the French bread baguette? Or what about slapping them with a teddy bear? Anyway, once you have found Anna, you need to get back to the ferry without getting killed. Do that successfully and you will be rewarded - not with cash BUT to have another day to live with your daughter away from the flesh eating zombies... for now at least. So what on earth are you staring at? Your briefing is done. Now get out there and save Anna!