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Zombification Instructions

Use the WASD keys to walk around, the mouse and left-mouse button to aim and shoot, and the 1-3 number keys to switch between weapons.

Zombification Walkthrough

Zombification may seem like a simple online zombie game, but it focuses more on action than strategy - you'll have to run in guns-blazing more than you would with any other zombie game, especially since you're only going to have three different guns to choose from. You can choose between these with the 1-3 number keys - the first being a regular pistol, which never runs out of ammo, the second being the sonic boom shell, which kills a large group of enemies, and the third is the holo-clone shell, which deploys a digital clone that can distract a large number of enemies.

There are thirteen levels in all to make it through, and in every level you'll have to find a keycard before you can move on to the next. Since you're only able to choose from three different guns, though, you'll have to be creative with the way you use them. One simple combo involves using the holo-clone shell to attract a large group of enemies, and then using the sonic boom shell to dispatch them all. It's one of the more effective things you can do with your limited arsenal, and something you should only do if come across a large group of enemies.

So, once you start a level, your goal is to simply find a key card and find the exit. While this may seem like a simple premise, and it is, there's a venerable horde of undead waiting to stop you at every turn - so make sure you use crates for defense, holo-clone shells, and other forms of barricades as best as you can. Sometimes, in this zombie game, you'll find that running is the best answer.