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Zomblast Instructions

Zomblast is controlled by using the mouse. Drag and drop grenades onto the stage. Use the arrow keys to rotate grenades. Click the "Bum!" button beneath grenades to detonate them. The R key resets the current level.

Zomblast Walkthrough

Zomblast is a zombie game presented by BigDino and developed by Vogd, the developer of Zombie Smasher. Zomblast features lovely cartoon graphics as can be expected from Vogd, thirty-five levels, and simple controls.

The objective of Zomblast is to kill all of the zombies on each level using grenades and other objects provided on the stage. If you fail to kill all of the zombies, on a level, you will have to press the R key to reset the level; this zombie game does not automatically reset levels! Your progress is saved at the end of each level, so you can continue your progress the next time that you play. You can also replay previously-completed levels to attempt to improve your score.

Zomblast features a simple control scheme. The mouse is the primary control device. Drag and drop grenades to place them on the stage. Click the "Bum!" button beneath grenades to detonate them. If you want to rotate grenades, you may do so by using the arrow keys. Rotating grenades is of great importance in this zombie game, since you will have to align the grenades so that shrapnel kills zombies or causes chain reactions that will lead to the deaths of the zombies.

It is important to remember that only shrapnel can kill zombies in Zomblast. The initial blast of an explosive does not cause damage (although the force of the blast may push zombies off of ledges to fall to their deaths). The direction that shrapnel will travel from a grenade is displayed when it is selected. You can rotate grenades before detonation to change the direction that the shrapnel will fly in. it is also a good idea to hover your mouse over explosive barrels to note the direction that barrel shrapnel will fly in. Later levels of this zombie game will require precision to cause chain reactions that will kill all of the zombies.

Zomblast is a simple puzzle game, making it a great way to relieve stress on a break. Disregard the remarks of the zombies, keep blowing them to smithereens in Zomblast, an addicting zombie game!