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Zombocalypse Instructions

Left/right arrow keys to move, Down to pick up weapon, Up to use KillCombo move, Space to fire.

Zombocalypse Walkthrough

In Zombocalypse, you're the lone survivor after a world-wide disaster causes everyone to turn into the raging undead. You're dropped right into the action with nothing but a machete to fend off the zombies, and you'll collect weapons that are dropped from the sky.

The majority of your time in Zombocalypse will be spent holding down the Spacebar to either swing your machete or unload the clip of whatever weapon you're using at the time. There's a good variety of weapons that you start off with:

Pistol: Weak, single shots with a decent-sized clip.

Dual pistols: Pick up another pistol while you're already carrying one, and you'll dual-wield the two. Provides more damage from two shots at once.

Shotgun: The classic head-'sploding boomstick. Takes out a group of zombies close up, but don't use it on anything far away since it won't reach. Pretty small clip.

Sniper gun: Powerful single shots that penetrate multiple zombies. Take advantage of the awesome range to eliminate zombies before you even see them.

Assault rifle: Fully automatic, powerful weapon. You'll mow down the crowds with this weapon, but you'll be out of ammo before you know it.

Minigun: The be-all end-all weapon that cuts through even the toughest undead with ease. It has great range just like the sniper gun, but just like any other gun, you'll run out of ammo eventually.

Health powerup: Restores some health.

2x damage: Increases your damage for a short time.

You'll also unlock other guns along the way, as well as earn upgrades to your current weapons automatically as you level up.

You should be aware that there are no breaks, no checkpoints, and no pausing while you're fighting. Yes, you will eventually die, but instead of "game over," it's "level up and go at it again." You increase your rank according to how many zombies you killed before they overtook you, and your weapons get upgraded at certain ranks. You'll also unlock "heads," or different characters to play as, while ranking up. These heads are just for fun and don't affect your performance.

In the middle of your killing spree in Zombocalypse, you may notice that you have a "Kill Combo" racking up. It increases by one for every zombie you kill in rapid succession -- if you take too long between kills, it will disappear and start over at 1. When you get 25 kills, you can call in a missile strike with the Up arrow, which bombs the area that you designated. At 50 kills, a fighter jet will drop three bombs in the direction you were facing when you pressed the Up arrow. At 100 kills, a chopper will provide cover fire around you for 5 seconds. These KillCombo moves will help you out in a pinch, but you'll earn achievements if you can kill enough zombies without using them.

There is no real strategy in Zombocalypse -- just run around, pick up weapons as they drop, and slaughter as many undead as you can before you get eaten, then do it again!