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Zombotron Instructions

W A S D to move/jump, E to use/activate, H to heal, R to reload, left click to fire.

Zombotron Walkthrough

In Zombotron, you're a space-age protagonist who must fight your way through levels which are infested with the undead. You start with a lowly pistol, but are able to upgrade to shotguns, automatic weapons, and more as you progress through the game.

Each mission has one basic objective: Get to the end alive. You'll also be able to complete secondary missions, such as collecting a certain number of zombie heads, or completing the level within a specific timeframe. These secondary missions will get you more money to use in the shop.

In the Zombotron shop, which is only accessible via a shopping terminal in the level, you'll find the next-best weapon available to you, along with ammo for that weapon and your current one. You're able to buy med packs and better armor to help you last longer. You can skip on the health and armor for the first few levels, since they're pretty easy and you shouldn't need them too much. Since ammo is rather scarce in Zombotron, you should always buy as much as possible at the shopping terminal so you don't run out. Pick up the next available weapon when you have the cash and the levels will be that much easier.

Mowing down zombies is only part of your strategy in this game. You'll want to dust off your platforming skills to jump around and keep your enemies at a distance while you pick them off. Use the environment to your advantage! You'll find explosive barrels that only take one shot to blow up all the enemies around them, and killing zombies with explosions will give you points in some secondary missions. If you're starting to get outnumbered, put some cover between you and your foes. Block a zombie with a wooden box or a barrel and blast him with headshots while he tries to break through the box. Wooden bridges are destructible, and you can score some easy multi-kills by getting them to crumble while a zombie is walking across.

Contrary to most zombie games, headshots in Zombotron don't cause any more damage than a shot to anywhere else on the body. However, you'll still need to aim for specific parts of the body if a zombie has armor: Some of them are wearing buckets on their head, so aim for the torso to take them out more easily. Be strategic and deliberate with your shots. Make sure they connect on the first try, otherwise you'll be wasting ammo, which you don't get a lot of. Aim carefully and you'll avoid being helpless and out of ammo. Dying does not carry any penalties -- you don't have a certain number of lives, so don't be too discouraged if you accidentally fall off a cliff and die!

Keep an eye out for hidden chests in the level, as they will give you a huge cash boost to use in the shop. Also be sure to blast open any sacks that you see laying around or tied to the ceiling, since they will contain a few coins or some ammo.