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Zomboz 2 Instructions

Zomboz 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Move your mouse to aim and power your shot, then click to shoot.

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Zomboz 2 is the sequel to the physics game, Zomboz. Zomboz 2 features the same gameplay of its predecessor, but also sports fifteen new levels.

Like the first Zomboz, the objective of Zomboz 2 is to kill all of the zombies on each level without harming innocent bystanders. Zombies (and bystanders) can be killed in a variety of ways including direct fire, being caught in explosions, chain-reactions, and more. If you get stuck on a level or run out of ammunition, you can restart the level by pressing the R key. Killing an innocent civilian will automatically cause the level to restart.

Zomboz 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Aim and power your shots by moving your mouse. Moving your mouse farther away from your character causes more power to be applied to your shot. Click when you are ready to shoot. You cannot move your character in this zombie game, so you will have to carefully plan each shot to utilize the gravity of the planets to accomplish your task. As you may recall from your physics class, planets with greater mass have a greater gravitational pull while smaller planets have less of a gravitational pull. This means that if you are firing from a large planet, you will have to apply more power for your projectile to exit the gravity of that planet. If you are having trouble plotting your shots, it may help to fire some shots to get a general feel for how projectiles will move on a stage, then restart the level (R key) with full ammunition.

As was the case in the first Zomboz, Zomboz 2 features a variety of weapons to get the job done. Basic arrows kill zombies by direct fire and can also add weight to objects that they strike or damage light structures. Rocks do not kill zombies directly, but are good for applying force to objects and knocking down heavier structures. Flaming arrows are used to light crates of TNT, but cannot kill zombies directly. In this zombie game, weapons are acquired by firing a projectile through an icon for that weapon. Once you have acquired a new weapon, you cannot switch back to your old weapon without restarting the level, so if there is anything that must be done with a specific type of projectile, be sure to do it before collecting a new weapon.

Essentially just fifteen new levels of the same gameplay presented in the first Zomboz, Zomboz 2 does not win points for originality. It is still a solid physics game, however, and if you are a fan of the first Zomboz or similar games such as Gravitee Wars, then you will enjoy Zomboz 2!