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Zombus Instructions

W A S D to drive/steer, R to reload, left click to fire.

Zombus Walkthrough

Zombus is a game about zombie-inspired road rage. You're the driver of a huge bus, and you must make it to the Safe Zone in each level. Only thing is, there's a horde of zombies that don't like you. The obvious solution is to run them over or pick them off with your mounted weapon!

You'll make your way through the city until you finally reach safety. Along the way, you'll pick up survivors and complete other objectives to earn Gear Points. You'll always get 1 GP for completing a level, along with more GP if you complete certain objectives during the level, such as avoiding damage or finding all the survivors in a level. You'll spend your GP in the shop to upgrade your vehicle with better weapons and armor, which make this terrifying rush to safety just a little more bearable.

Most zombies will be crushed if you run them over with enough speed. However, if you're not going fast enough, or if you let the undead get close to the sides or rear of the vehicle, you'll start taking damage. Back up, adjust your aim, and charge forward to serve up another order of Zombie Pancakes! You'll have a mounted weapon to help you along the way if things get hairy -- aim and shoot with the mouse, but keep an eye on your ammo so you don't run out. There are health and ammo pickups during each level, so be sure to grab them when they're available.

You can replay a level in Zombus as many times as you wish, but you'll only get more GP if you satisfy the conditions for a medal -- a higher score doesn't get you anything. Once you've completed the first level, spend your 1 GP to get the pistol weapon, which makes getting the Untouchable medal easy on the first couple of levels. Just drive slowly and use your weapon to kill all the zombies, and you won't risk taking any damage. But don't take too long on the second level, since idling still uses up gas, and you won't get the medal if you use more than 50% of your fuel, even if you didn't take any damage.

Grab the automatic rifle once you have 3 GP, and then focus on building up your armor. The levels get difficult rather quickly, and more armor will help you get through them alive. Zombus is all about careful steering, so don't be reckless, otherwise you'll find yourself surrounded and snacked upon before you know it!