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zOMGies Instructions

A quick and FUN zombie game from Jimp and LongAnimals, zOMGies comes with an easy-to-understand control scheme: W, A, S, and D keys or arrow keys for basic movement; use your mouse to aim and fire; and lastly, use the space bar or number pad 0 button to switch weapons. How long can you survive against the zombie horde? There's only one way to find out. BUT before you dive in, make sure you read the tips and tricks below!

zOMGies Walkthrough

The zombie horde is here and they are out to eat your brains! There's not much time left... not enough time to review this game. That said, here are some tips and tricks that will help you survive the onslaught!

Tips And Tricks: (1) Do not be afraid to get in the middle and let people pass you. (2) The collision detection of the game is excellent. That said, you can dodge incoming zombies without breaking a sweat. (3) As for my favorite weapon, it has to be the flamethrower. It's overpowered! I recommend that you use it until you get the gun after the rocket launcher. (4) For head-shot freaks, here's a tip to score A LOT of headshots with the flame thrower. Just aim up when you are beside a zombie and VIOLA! (5) Steer clear from the chainsaw. It's pretty useless. True, it deals more damage than the flamethrower. BUT it's range is awfully short and that means you get hit more. (6) Laser gun - this final weapon is so powerful that it can clear levels 30 to 40 without you getting hit.

The Medals

Collector Medal - This is done by picking 10 items in a single level. Worth 5 points, what I would try to do is stand in the middle of the screen and just watch the right side of the game screen in search for items. All of the items count -the poker chips, stacks of cash, all the black things scattered, and everything else in between. You can easily get this medal on the first couple of stages. If that doesn't cut it, wait until you get the flamethrower. This will make you harder to hit while hunting for items to pick up.

Freeman - This medal is achieved by killing a BIG zombie using a crowbar. This is worth 10 points and it's very easy to do. The BIG zombies are the grey ones and there's no way you can miss them with their size. All you have to do is get his health low enough with the flamethrower. Next, take out your crowbar and hit him. If you don't have the flamethrower yet, you can just whack him with the crowbar. BUT cross your fingers and hope that he doesn't hit you 3 times and kill you.

Boom! - This medal requires that you kill 10 zombies ALL at once with a single barrel. This is worth 10 points. This is a little hard to do BUT it's workable. What you need to do is use the flamethrower and get their life bars down to half. Next, dodge their blows and wait for a barrel. Once one appears, blow them with it. By the way, this can only be done once you are on level 18 or further. There's no way 10 zombies would flock to you all at once in the previous levels.

Shredder - This unlocks the chainsaw and it's worth 25 points. The chainsaw is unlocked after bagging a certain amount of points. On average, you should unlock it at around level 24 to 29.

Zoller Medal - Worth 25 points, this medal requires that you pull off 100 percent headshots. It may sound hard BUT this is easy to do. Stick with your first gun... the one on the first level and headshot your way to the next level. This level is only 15-20 seconds long. You can easily make 6 to 7 headshots and dodge the rest of the zombies within the level to get the achievement.