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zOMGies 2 Instructions

This zombie game's control scheme is as easy as it could get. It's played with the arrow keys for basic movement and mouse to aim and shoot down your targets. With this control scheme, you need to run down the zombie-infested streets, blast down the undead with anything you can lay your hands on, and collect anti-virus along the way. By the way, don't let them get too close or they'll munch out some of your health. That's it for the controls. Now let me teach you how to be an efficient zombie killer!

zOMGies 2 Walkthrough

Let's not beat around the bush. You are playing this zombie game and you want to be efficient at killing the undead. And that's precisely what we'll do. Without further adieu, here are the tips:

(1) Zombies always aim for you. Take advantage of it by leading the packs of zombies towards the barrels.

(2) As for the barrels, shooting them at the right time can spell the difference between clearing a field of zombies or ending up as zombie lunch.

(3) The distance you drive does not count. It's not indicated at the level distance at the bottom. Vehicle-riding is a bonus section that lets you hit as many zombies as possible. BUT be careful. Don't run over the barrels unless you want to be toasted.

(4) It's easy to fall in love with a weapon and try to finish the whole game with it. I kind of felt the same way for my flamethrower. BUT usually, the latest weapon you acquired is the best for the next level. Oh! If I may add, the sniper rifle is one powerful killing tool. ?

(5) The level always moves. HOWEVER, you need to fight that urge to run with it. Hold down the right or D button. Your character automatically runs. That's said you need to focus on holding a good position that will allow you to milk that level for whatever points its worth.

(6) In some levels, especially the later ones, there will be a bunch of zombies that come from behind... and to make matters worse, they will come up faster than those appear ahead of you. It's easy to panic BUT keep a clear head. The last thing you want to happen is to get sandwiched between the two groups of the undead.

(7) The game rarely spawns large hordes of zombies on both sides. HOWEVER, it switches sides very quickly. That said, you should develop a firing rhythm that allows you to quickly alternate shooting both sides.

(8) Antidotes - they don't give you health. HOWEVER, they do count for your final score. If you badly need to restore your health, keep your focus and destroy the zombies ahead of you. Rushing in a vain attempt to reach for that food... those good ol' burgers won't cut it. You'll end up being eaten first.

Your Enemies: This zombie game showcases different zombies that have different abilities and vulnerabilities. Know their weak spots! This will help you take them out twice as easier.

Zombie - Regular undead shufflers that will die easily regardless of what you throw at them or shoot them with.

Giant Zombie - These are toughies and biggies. HOWEVER, their heads are vulnerable. Aim for their noggins and you should easily take them out.

Leaping Zombie - These are like hunters in Left 4 Dead. They are agile and they will leap towards you. HOWEVER, they are vulnerable against automatic weapons, which easily knock them back.

Fat Zombie - They explode on death. That said, you should keep your distance when you see one. The best way to deal with them is to throw explosives at them from afar and watch as they burst into pieces.

Spitting Zombie - While these zombies are vulnerable against almost anything, unlike their brothers, these zombies are ranged attackers. They will spit fireballs at you so be agile and keep your distance.

Baby Zombies - No! They are NOT cute! They are fast and can latch on you. But they are easily taken care of by a flamethrower.