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Play The Last Stand 2

The Last Stand 2

The second game in this thrilling series, The Last Stand 2 is everything you could want and more out of a zombie...

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  • Play Class 3 Outbreak

    Class 3 Outbreak


    Before we get started on some brain-splattering fun, we'll have...

  • Play Road of the Dead

    Road of the Dead


    Road of the Dead is one of the most intense...

  • Play Zombie Canyon

    Zombie Canyon


    Zombie Canyon is a fun little online zombie game that...

  • Play Rebuild 2

    Rebuild 2


    Rebuild 2 is the sequel to the zombie game, Rebuild....

  • Play Zombie Dolls

    Zombie Dolls


    So you're a HUGE fan of zombie games? Cool, perhaps...

  • Play Doom: Flatten Horizon

    Doom: Flatten Horizon


    If you've ever played DOOM before, you'll be at home...

  • Play Dead of Night

    Dead of Night


    Dead of Night is a straightforward defense game. This zombie...

  • Play RABID



    Rabid is a classic online zombie game in which you...

  • Play DAZ3.5



    DAZ3.5 is an engrossing, unique online zombie game that requires...

  • Play Marching Zombies

    Marching Zombies


    The undead in this zombie game are NOT out for...

  • Play Working Stiffs

    Working Stiffs


    People familiar with basic biology know that viruses mutate over...

  • Play Flaming Zombooka

    Flaming Zombooka


    Flaming Zombooka is an addictive and engrossing physics based zombie...

  • Play Necronator



    Who says being evil is a piece of cake? Well,...

  • Play Zombie Taxi 2

    Zombie Taxi 2


    Zombie Taxi 2 is a fun online zombie game that...

  • Play Zombie Crypt 2

    Zombie Crypt 2


    Zombie Crypt 2 is the sequel to the puzzle-based platform...

  • Play All We Need Is Brain 2

    All We Need Is Brain 2


    All We Need Is Brain 2 is the sequel to...

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  • Zombie Situation Thumbnail

    In light of recent events, an advanced tactical zombie simulator has been released to help civilians survive a zombie attack....

  • Tequila Zombies 2 Thumbnail

    Tequila Zombies 2 is the sequel to the zombie game, Tequila Zombies. Tequila Zombies 2 features improved graphics, more weapons,...

  • Zombotron 2 Thumbnail

    Zombotron 2 is the sequel to the zombie game, Zombotron. Zombotron 2 retains the gameplay that mad its predecessor a...

  • Decision 2: New City Thumbnail

    Decision 2: New City is the exciting sequel to the zombie game, Decision. Decision 2: New City retains the same...

  • Zombudoy Thumbnail

    Zombudoy is a defense game similar to Palisade Guardian, but instead of fighting enemy troops, you will be facing zombies!...

  • Zomboz 2 Thumbnail

    Zomboz 2 is the sequel to the physics game, Zomboz. Zomboz 2 features the same gameplay of its predecessor, but...

  • Zomballoons Thumbnail

    Zomballoons is another zombie shooting game. Unlike most zombie games, Zomballoons has a more humorous air (no pun intended) to...

  • Balloons vs. Zombies 2 Thumbnail

    Balloons vs. Zombies 2 is the sequel to the shooting game / physics game hybrid, Balloons vs. Zombies. Although this...

Zombie Games Online

Zombies coming left, right, and center! Yes, the undead are taking over the world! If that's your type of game, whether you want to play as the defender or as one of the rotten biological anomalies who want to take over the world, you are at the right arcade!

This is ZombieGamesOnline.org! Your one-stop website for everything about zombie games online. Whether you are after the thrill of being chased around by zombies and trying to find your way to safety, the excitement brought by taking down the undead with your tried and tested bullet-spitting friends - the shotgun, or if you love the feeling of taking over the world and turning everyone into zombies, this website has the game for you!

Have a look at the Top 10 list - showcasing the best zombie games online! Each and every zombie game on our list will surely give you a great time and excitement that other genres can't provide!

Play As The Infectonator And Make The Whole World Bow!

Infectonator World Dominator is one of those unique zombie games. In this game, the undead have started their vicious and bloody world domination campaign. HOWEVER, your job is quite different from the usual zombie games out there: you are all about expanding the zombie empire... and making sure that it happens!

Upgrade your zombie stats to make your attacks and bites stronger and MORE venomous! Unlock special zombies that will make your task of subduing a city a piece of cake. Starting out in a small village in Africa, the territories you need to conquer grow bigger and bigger as the game goes on!

Escape From The Wrath Of The Undead!

If fighting for your survival and taking out those zombies is your thing, then Days2Die is a free zombie game that will whet your appetite for adventure! You are trapped in the midst of a zombie takeover. Your only salvation: the boat that is waiting for you at the harbor. Make a dash for that boat before you become the next lunch of these mindless zombies!

And no, don't hesitate to kill them along the way because they won't think twice about biting you and sucking you dry!

What About Trying To Save Everyone?

For those of you who love to play the good and unselfish hero who wants to save everyone, Zombie Taxi 2 is a fun zombie game you simply have to check out! No, you are not armed with a gun. But you and your taxi cab can save the innocent!

Grab your wheels and get ready for action. Your goal is to pick up the VIPs and drop them off at the safe point! Graphics are pretty basic, BUT who cares about how the game looks when it's so much fun to play?

For zombie lovers or haters, for the guy who wants to take over the world, and for anyone else who loves playing online zombie games, ZombieGamesOnline.org is the place to stay!